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Safe T Tie - Black (2 pk)

Safe T Tie - Black (2 pk)

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Did you know a horse can seriously injure its neck if they pull back while tied? 

  • Revolutionary Risk Reducer: Designed to be used anywhere, at anytime, in any situation. Just add to the tie point and you can use with a traditional lead rope of your choosing.
  • Better than Bailing Twine: Let's face it - we've all used twine. But the Safe-T-Tie tops it - it's smooth, non-abrasive, and will release at 300 pounds of pressure. 
  • Easy to Use: Simple and intuitive to use, can be set up even by a child in minutes. 
  • Adjustable Settings: Five selectable settings give equestrians the ability to customize the situation for their specific situation and horse. 
  • Perfectly Portable: Easy to disconnect and reconnect, that means that you can always take it with you (but, shhh... you're going to want to own more than one!). 
  • Reusable Solution: Completely reusable, which is great for the environment (less waste!) as well as the wallet!
  • Not Just for Tying: We're constantly struck by our customers' ingenuity - use the Safe-T-Tie as a dog leash handle, to secure your dog to a belt, to hang items from a stroller handle, or to easily carry your grocery bags! How will you use it?

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